Securities Trading

Whilst Asgard Group's securities trading operation is by no means the largest in the marketplace, it is staffed by seasoned traders with many years of experience who trade various securities on a number of bourses around the world on behalf of our clients.

Depending upon your risk profile, Asgard Group allocates a pre-determined portion of initial capital to our trading teams with a view to taking advantage of opportunities that manifest themselves continually within the world's equity markets.

Asgard Group is able to offer access to key global bourses and the blue-chip, small cap and penny stocks on alternative investment markets.

Please note that whilst this form of short-term investment is not suitable for all investors and carries a higher potential for capital erosion, spectacular gains are achievable in a relatively short space of time and Asgard Group's trading teams are among the industry's most adept at mitigating risk by hedging trades within the marketplace through the use of various tools.