Asgard Group's research expertise is at the core of the value proposition offered to our clients and it is also an integral component of the product offerings we provide. Our research analysts provide insightful, objective and decisive research that is designed to enable clients to make informed investment decisions. The Asgard Group research department achieves continued distinction due to our consummate staff in addition to the breadth and depth of their global resources.

Asgard Group's research think tank is regarded as one of the worlds most respected research facilities with more than 100 highly experienced analysts focusing on two main disciplines, which include but are not limited to:

Global Equity Research - Our research analysts conduct fundamental analysis on a wide range of global companies, providing our clients with industry-specific, in-depth research. By leveraging the breadth and depth of our global resources, our analysts are able to provide anticipatory, innovative, and differentiated investment opportunities, which address the individual requirements of each client.

Global Macro Research encompasses global economics, commodities, currencies, derivatives, emerging markets, fixed income and equity strategies, plus an in-depth analysis of all critical global issues, across a multitude of disciplines, regions and asset classes, providing our clients with first rate investment opportunities, market forecasts and macro overviews.