Portfolio Management

Asgard Group defines, constructs and implements an appropriate strategy, designed exclusively to suit YOUR circumstances...and no one else's. Asgard Group do not offer "off-the-shelf" portfolios or solutions.

Asgard Group believes that asset allocation is one of the most important aspects of the investment process, a statement that is supported by very compelling evidence from numerous studies.

We use the information gathered from the initial assessment process to determine the recommended distribution of your capital between cash, equities, fixed interest, mutual funds and, where appropriate, alternative assets. This allocation forms the core of your portfolio and is closely monitored so that we can respond to any changes to your circumstances as and when they occur, to make sure your investments continue to meet your objectives.

Just as important as asset allocation, is the selection of the individual investments to form your portfolio.

Ultimately, it is here that our seamless combination of judgment, proficiency and expertise really manifests itself. We utilize the high quality research and analysis, provided by our experienced research teams who make use of both fundamental and technical analysis and a real-world appreciation of the impact of monetary policy and geo-political events, where applicable, in determining their recommendations.

It is this detailed and exhaustive analysis that forms the bedrock for key strategic decision making in asset allocation, sector and individual investment recommendations - the key to long term success in the portfolio management.