We are - first & foremost - value investors. We believe that a decision to invest is best based on identifying assets that are cheap against their intrinsic value. This may be the case because, for example, the sector in which a company operates is not currently attracting the attention of the broader workplace.

By focusing on deep analysis, we discover opportunities whose potential may not be readily apparent to a market that seems ever more obsessed with short term profitability. We believe that appropriate asset allocation and diversification are crucial aspects of any investment portfolio.

Contrast to what many of our competitors would have you believe, managing money really isn't the most important thing in life, but proper money management can help you to take better care of the things that are.

Asgard Group recognizes that your needs, ambitions and financial objectives are unique. Hence we take the time to understand them and develop comprehensive, innovative investment portfolios tailored to your specific situation.

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Risk Management

Asgard Group's approach to risk management is designed to reduce losses whilst simultaneously increasing the likelihood of superior returns.

We combine:

proven investment philosophy that focuses on reducing risk.

An experienced and dedicated team with diverse perspectives, a detailed process that means that out of the plethora of assets we may consider, only a select few are ultimately chosen for inclusion in our clients' portfolios.

A diversification strategy that carefully spreads the acquisition of assets across industry, geographical and currency.

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