Discretionary Management

Asgard Group provides both discretionary and advisory management services. Discretionary management involves the delegation to us of the day-to-day running of the client's investment portfolio. This means that we can conduct trades within the portfolio such as the buying and selling of individual assets.

We can also act to rebalance the bias of the portfolio, especially when one asset class outperforms the others. We can take profits and reinvest the proceeds into other assets that have underperformed with a view to riding the inevitable cyclical resurgence of those assets.

This discretionary authority is governed by guidelines laid down after the initial assessment process and ensures that our portfolio managers cannot acquire or deal in securities that would adversely affect the portfolio's risk profile, thus affording you the peace of mind of knowing your investments are balanced and risk-adjusted.

Advisory Management
Our advisory management service enables clients to retain the final word on what is bought and sold within their portfolios. Our portfolio managers will contact clients about opportunities but must await the client's final sanction prior to the purchase or disposal of assets.

This service is suitable for those clients who may possess a higher than average knowledge of financial markets or those who prefer to retain a greater degree of control over the running of their investments.

Clients have access to recommendations produced by the same high-level analysis and research as those our discretionary clients enjoy but there may be very rare instances where opportunities may be missed while managers are awaiting the client's authorization to proceed with transactions.